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Design Opportunity

South Kensington, Philadelphia’s Benson Park.


A Tour Inside ‘Morphos’ Factory.

Wear It.



Tracks Headphone In Sand { $85.00 }

 AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. AIAIAI’s modern, minimalist headphones and earphones deliver clear, amplified sound.


Uniform Wares 150 Series (Leather/Stainless Steel)

 Uniform Wares 150 Series in Rose Gold.  {$160.00}

This Uniform Wares 150 series watch combines contemporary detailing with the elegance of a classic dress watch.

Product Love.

Bell Jet Bubble Visor

No matter it’s use, no one can deny that the Bell Jet Bubble Visor is a legitimately cool add-on to a vintage helmet. If you are not using the Bubble Visor as a fashion accessory, and you actually are using it for protection on your Vespa; you’ll find that the visor fits onto most helmets, it’s functional, stylish, and affordable! ($70.00)

Bubble Tank by Sheffield-based design studio Psalt Design.
Posted on 10.17.11 by Jaime in Home

The Bubble Tank is made of hand-blown glass and shapes in a slumping, molten shape that teeters on the edge of a table.
Designed to provoke a reaction, the fish house is inspired by a bead of water which was about to flow over the edge of the surface it was resting on.
Inspiration also came from the distortion and illusion that can be created through water and glass.
Taking into consideration the material and the fact it is resting on its counter-balanced weight, the fragility of the product is reiterated.

‘Miss Marc – Large Henry’ Watch.
Just love the quirky iconic figure.

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